Mod.Puppy Basics Private Lesson Package – $250,

Prefer to work 1-on-1 with your puppy and trainer?  Our 4-session crash course in all things puppy is the choice for you. Each 1-on-1 private training package includes one 90-minute introductory session with three 60-minute follow-up sessions and your first two puppy socials are free (a $20 value).

Training sessions will address:

  1. Puppy Problems – learn how to combat common issues like nipping and mouthing, potty training, jumping, and more.
  2. Socialization Starter – learn how to properly socialize your puppy to their surroundings, people, and other dogs.
  3. Basic Manners – help your puppy learn impulse control and manners with skills like sit, lie down, stay, etc.
  4. Enrichment – learn fun games and get practical ideas for adding enrichment opportunities to your dog’s daily routine to keep you both sane through puppyhood and adolescence.

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