The focus of Mod.Dogs Canine Coaching is training foundation skills and addressing common behavior issues (jumping up, pulling on leash, coming when called, potty training, nipping/mouthing, chewing) by offering a variety of opportunities for you to bond with your new puppy or adult dog – either in the group class or private training setting.

When it comes to significant behavior issues (fearfulness, shyness, trauma/PTSD, reactivity, resource guarding, aggression, feralization, anxiety, or separation anxiety), we refer you to local trainer and behavior consultant, Expert Canine. Rain Jordan, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA is a Karen Pryor Academy Animal Training and Behavior Certified Training Partner and Certified Dog Trainer Professional, and is the only Certified Behavior Consultant, Canine in the region. Her extensive knowledge and experience in dog training and behavior make Expert Canine our trusted referral source.

Visit Expert Canine for more information on the behavior and training services offered.